AJ’s Pay Off

You may remember that AJ’s responsibility this summer was to raise the chicks.  That story here. Despite losing many of them to predators (can you imagine the disappointment of a young kid when he finds chick parts strewn outside the coop?), he received his pay off. His final job was to load the chicks and deliver them to the butcher. You can see the satisfaction of a job well done. This week, the laying hens moved away from their undergraduate housing and began roaming freely with the mature hens. He is thrilled… Read More


Piglets Aplenty: Simultaneous Farrowing

We were nervous yesterday when we found a piglet dead and ripped apart in the field. We knew it had to be California’s and we were disappointed she had abandoned it. This concern deepened when we found a live piglet abandoned. She wasn’t fully developed and died shortly. This morning I combed the field to find any evidence of birth but came up empty. We began making arrangements for “Bad-Mama Sausage” out of the sow, thinking she had eaten her piglets like she did back in March during the snow storm farrowing…. Read More


The gardens are flourishing, and we have been enjoying the bounty. I haven’t harvested enough to begin any large scale canning, but the tomatoes are just starting to turn red.  If we get a few more warm days, I’ll be making sauce soon. We have harvested enough to fill our plates and put a few cans of fermented goodness away. A pepper relish. A corn treat. Loads of pickles. Carrots and Pole Beans. And we’ve been experimenting with jams and jellies. We picked 50 pounds of blueberries at Ingall’s Blueberry Hill in… Read More