January 2015

Chopping Whey

Keeping whey liquid during winter is a constant challenge.  The greenhouse we use for the storage tanks has been a huge improvement in keeping the tanks and valves working, but on the coldest days there’s still a lot of work defrosting valves.  Even trying to position the 2″ hoses and making up the connectors is a task, …

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Rodeo Aspirations

Young animals have a joie de vivre that can’t be matched.  As they age, they settle into their routines, eat their meals with purposeful solemnity, and nod disapprovingly at the antics of the younguns.  Occasionally you’ll find an old cow kick up her heels and then look around to make sure nobody noticed, but calves will turn …

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Sunrise Pillar

This morning we were treated to a prominent and long lasting sun pillar.  It became visible about ten minutes before sunrise and remained in place a few minutes after the sun had fully cleared the horizon.  Driving along Route 162, there were a number of other people pulled over to get a picture.  Too bad none of us had anything …

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When the weather dips below zero, even the protection of the greenhouse is insufficient to prevent the valves on the whey tanks from freezing up.  We’ve tried different techniques to fix this, including propane heaters (least efficient method), heat lamps (OK, but still expensive to run), low temperature defroster heat patches (fast and effective, but …

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