It Must Be Spring

… because the first spring calf arrived this afternoon.  I thought we only had one cow bred early, but this cute little heifer came from another cow I wasn’t expecting to calve for another month.  Guess I wasn’t paying careful enough attention to the hanky panky in the pasture last summer. The weather is a bit chillier than I’d prefer for calving, but I don’t foresee any problems.  This calf’s mother is the best cow in the herd, so the calf will be well fed.  With a belly full of milk and… Read More

Doorstep Delivery Now Available

It feels like it has taken ages to get to this point, but we’re now ready to announce the beginning of our Doorstep Delivery service.  We’ll be doing weekly shipments of our meat via next day delivery to customers within our Fedex delivery zone.  Orders should arrive on Wednesdays. We’ve done a lot of work on the pricing to pare things down and we’re happy that we can offer this service with a minimum of overhead.  We’ve looked at the big national natural/grassfed meat companies, and we’re glad to note that our… Read More

Goldilocks and the Three Egg Cartons

It seems like I’m never ready for the way stupid stuff trips me up.  I wanted to upgrade the presentation of our egg cartons, so I ordered a batch of stickers to cover the entire top of the egg cartons.  I thought it would be easy to use a date stamp to imprint the “Best By” dates on each carton.  Wrong wrong wrong. I bought a stamp and ink pad, but I found that unless each stamp was applied exactly perpendicular to the page, there would be skid marks.  And even when… Read More

Snow? No Problem.

One of the things I enjoy about cows is how they take everything as it comes.  Two or three feet of snow?  No problem.  Just give them hay, water, and some trees to block the wind while they are napping, and they are fine. The picture above was taken few hours into Tuesday’s snow.  By the end of the day it was up past their bellies.  They made a few paths between their hay bales and their water, and with enough cattle moving back and forth between the two points they maintained… Read More

Uncomfortable Neighbors

One of the cats discovered that the chicken nest boxes are actually pretty cozy places to nap.  The cat figured out how to avoid the electric perimeter fence by scaling a wood wall about ten feet high and dropping down into the chicken’s shelter.  The chickens are none too pleased to be sharing their space.