August 2017

Breast Obsessed

Clearly our customers have a breast obsession.  We are selling far more chicken breasts than any other cut.  Having a product that sells is great, but there’s a “however”. Here, however, is the dilemma:  breasts are selling too quickly, while drumsticks and the soup parts (necks and backs) are piling up.  We aren’t part of …

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Fire and Ice

I spent my day at the extremes of fire and ice. During the morning I repaired the tractor loader quick attach mounts.  They have been replaced before, but for $240 for the set, this time I decided to straighten them and see if I can coax a little more life out of them.  I’ve seen …

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At Long Last

Rachel started planting an orchard six years ago after I cleared the sumac and brush behind the house.  Our first crop of peaches are just ripening.  It has been a long wait for that first taste.  These peaches are a delight.

My Hay Habit

This year we’ll spend a little above $10,000 for hay for the cattle, not counting about $1500 for low-quality bedding hay for the pigs.  Unlike the chicken feed, which costs a few thousand bucks every month or two, the summer hay bills all hit at once.  Buying from neighbors adds a little cushion since everyone …

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Milk Bath

Even though the pigs have made some lovely mud wallows for cooling off on a summer’s day, this girl chose a dunk right in the drink trough.  This pig weighs in the high 300 pound range so she displaces a lot of liquid,  nearly causing it to overflow.  Today’s drink menu includes sour milk curds …

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