Milk Bath

Even though the pigs have made some lovely mud wallows for cooling off on a summer’s day, this girl chose a dunk right in the drink trough.  This pig weighs in the high 300 pound range so she displaces a lot of liquid,  nearly causing it to overflow.  Today’s drink menu includes sour milk curds and whey.  Remember that bit in Charlotte’s Web when they give Wilbur a scrubbing with buttermilk before going to the fair? Maybe this pig knows something about milk baths.  Or maybe it was just a convenient place… Read More

The Eggo Lego

While Rachel was busy washing eggs, the kids grew bored of labeling cartons and turned it into another Lego project.  Good thing those are all empty.

Grazing the Pigpen

Most years I allow the yard where the pigs spend the winter to grow up with whichever plants volunteers there.  Usually that includes pumpkins, butternut squashes, and tomatoes, along with a mess of weeds.  This year I hoped to plant an experimental crop of corn in there and let the pigs hog it down in the fall, but the wet spring didn’t allow that.  As a backup plan I broadcasted pearl millet and rape left over from last year’s pasture trials. Despite the lack of soil preparation, the swampy conditions, and the… Read More