New Fence

Making use of these cool sunny days lately, Dave has been building fences. The pigs have plowed through more pasture than ever, so we are expanding. Dave cleared a strip 40 feet wide through a section of trees and rented a post hole pounder to put in 12 posts, stringing three wires two thirds of the way across our property. Every 50 feet he added a supporting post. For now, the wires measure 6, 12 and 18 inches high, but we can easily add more as our use of the pastures expand… Read More


A Day In The Life

A friend asked yesterday if I would map out a typical day in the life of our farm. Each season has a different rhythm; I enjoy summer’s most. Getting up with the sun, working in the garden, seeing fantastic looking bugs, finding some new flower in the fields, feeling the cool breeze blowing up the hill, watching the piglets snuffle for food, the pigs wallow in the mud, the cows waiting for their new paddock, the sheep running along beside the four wheeler, and the chickens chasing bugs or stealing scraps from… Read More

Hope of Harvest

Summer is here in full force, and we are beginning to anticipate the harvest. I walk through my gardens in hope, enjoying the promise and anticipating the rush of putting up. Take a photo tour of a few of the plants with me. As a result of the kids’ interest in the American Indian custom of the Three Sisters, we planted corn, beans and squash (or melon in our case) together. This is the Long Thai Purple Podded Yard bean. Fisher’s Earliest Sweet Corn Kabouli Black Garbanzo The taller plants are Titan… Read More



We have some robins who made a nest in the eaves of the pigs’ portable shade hut. A baby hatched. And the fledgling left the nest. I didn’t have the heart to photograph the mama cat snatching it for her kitten or the parents trying to persuade the cat to let it go.

2nd Annual Pig Roast

Dave’s family from New Jersey joined us this week for our 2nd pig roast. Last week we barely made it through the mud, but we loaded up the chosen pig and hauled her off to the butcher. She came back hairless and gutted.  We did the rest. Dave and Andrew broke open the pig along its spine. For the marinade, we used lots of salt, garlic, lemon, lime and orange  juice. Mom and Leah were the garlic peelers. Dave welded a rack and built a roaster. Dad and Amos helped Dave secure… Read More