Meet the Herd

We are happy to announce the beginning of our own beef herd with our first purchase of two Angus heifers. A heifer is a female bovine who has not yet given birth to a calf. The two heifers have been bred to this bull, and we are looking forward to meeting their calves in August of 2014. Meet Professor Sprout and McGonagall. Two steers–castrated males–joined us this spring. Darth is Angus and Chewy is a cross between a Belted Galloway and an Angus. We have, of course, already been raising dairy bull… Read More

End of Harvest

The flurry of harvesting is nearly over. The garden has browned and crumpled, the winter kale has stopped growing, and the tail end of the harvest is in the kitchen waiting to be put away. . The last of the apples are landing in baskets and boxes, and pies, and crisps, and sauce, and jelly and dehydrated slices. The pantry is full. We are ready for the season of stews and slow roasts, warm bread and pies.