Garlic and Snow

A gardener and general outdoor enthusiast in New Jersey gave us a box of garlic bulbils he collected from his patch. He has been growing this variety since the mid 1980’s when he acquired it from an old Polish gardener. So Dave tilled a strip six feet wide by 80 feet a few weeks ago, and Harry and I planted at least a thousand bulbils. We knew a storm was on the way, and we were just able to get the bed covered in mulch before the blanket of snow. We welcomed… Read More

The Pigs Move In

…to the greenhouse.  Last week, we put the finishing touches on the pigs’ winter quarters. We spread hay in their yard, installed gates and whey troughs, put up chicken roosts and nest boxes. Persuading the pigs to walk up the hill to the new yard took some effort, but they are happy to be inside, and cozy, and enjoying the convenience of whey right outside their front door.