Transitioning Piglets

We like to transition weaned piglets with clabbered milk before giving them the whey that the rest of the herd drinks.  Piglets do better with the extra fat provided by whole milk.  After a few weeks on milk they can make the switch to whey without a hitch.

When is enough enough?

Saturday we got the old Ford truck back up on its feet again. It had gotten into a bad habit of coughing, bucking, and backfiring whenever we asked it to move. In the end, the main problem was a faulty oxygen sensor. 19 years and 222k miles on the original one, so there’s nothing to complain about there.  This old truck is mostly a backup truck these days.  It doesn’t have enough suspension to handle the big loads we put on the other truck.  But there are enough times that the other… Read More


A tree I found in the hedgerow has a gaping hole in it made by an old barbed wire fence.  Squirrels have hidden their acorns inside.  

3rd Annual Pig Roast

Each summer since 2012, we have invited Dave’s family up for a pig roast.  All but the the aged, pregnant, infant or wimpy camp out.  The eight cousins all 9 and younger enjoy getting filthy, shooting arrows and guns and eating all the desserts Grandmom brings. The adults get hungrier and hungrier as the pig roasts. Dave did a great job bringing the pig to a perfect golden brown with crispy skin.