July 2015

Gardening Bits

If garden weeds make you squeamish, stop here.  My one woman campaign against 6000 square feet of them hasn’t gone well, but we have harvested enough vegetables to make a significant difference in the grocery bill. My haphazard techniques have come back to haunt me in a variety of ways, but I’ve gotten enough experience …

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Drying Herbs

I have a small dehydrator I have kept going just about every day this summer.  Mint, parsley, chamomile, thyme, oregano, lavender, rosemary, tarragon, basil and whatever else I feel like makes its way in. I realized this week it is a simple enough job that I can hand it all over to the kids. They …

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Bridge Building

We’ve been building a bridge over the last two weeks.  We replaced a culvert with a small span, crossing a seasonal stream in the middle of our land.  The stream runs most of the year, drying up for a week or two most summers.  It never gushes, but we’ve had problems with the culvert plugging with ice …

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Triple Threat

In a three way fight, who wins in this sequence:  bald eagle, Coopers hawk, or redwing blackbird? My camera couldn’t resolve the pictures of these birds in flight, but you might be surprised that the little blackbird came out the ultimate avian champion.  A bald eagle was soaring overhead today, but apparently it was in …

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