A Genetically Modified Blog Post

I’ll state that I’ve never been enthusiastic about GMO labeling laws.  My experience as a farmer and food producer has shown me that laws and regulations always disproportionately burden small producers.

Despite not being a cheerleader for GMO labeling laws, the passage of the absurdly misnamed H.R. 1599: Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015 certainly rubs me the wrong way.  The bill is offensive because it has no other raison d’être than shielding the GMO industry from exposure to the vicissitudes of public opinion and market economics.  It certainly reveals the the disingenuous stance of many of its supporters who, despite lip service to the ideal of supporting states’ rights over federal rights and to the goal of smaller government, signed on to a bill specifically crafted to simultaneously undermine laws in Connecticut, Maine, and Vermont and to grant additional authorities to the FDA and the USDA.

The message to all of us is that the food and agricultural industries aren’t going to look after us.  Elected officials and state laws apparently won’t serve us any better.  If we want to know what is in our food, we’re each going to have to be more involved in putting it on our own plates.  As with all important revolutions, this one won’t be televised either.  It will happen on days like today with a shovel in hand and a blazing July sun overhead.  It will be live.

Red potatoes freshly dug.

Adirondack Red potatoes freshly dug.

What are you doing to take control of what you eat?  Let me know; I’d like to hear.

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