No More Balls

This spring one of my farm efficiency projects has been the standardization of all trailer hitches on field equipment. We have five little utility trailers we constantly move on pasture for water and feed buggies for the poultry, plus another trailer frame that holds the turkey shelter. Four of them used four different types of 2″ ball couplers, one used a 2-5/16″ ball coupler, and another one used an ag-style pin connector. All of the ball couplers were getting worn out, with several requiring hammers or screwdrivers to engage and disengage the… Read More

Heaters on Pasture

Today we brought this group of little chickens out of the brooder and set them up in the field. Between the strong cold wind and the nightly freezes, we had to give them some help. To block the wind we tarped the end wall. Our chickens get exposure to American consumer culture, with a Blade Runner movie billboard for a roof and a McDonald’s billboard as a windbreak. We also rigged a propane brooder hover heater in the shelter. It isn’t cost effective to run it full time, but I think for… Read More

Greenhouse Demolition

We bought an old greenhouse from a farm in town. Over the last week we’ve taken it all apart and brought all the hoops back here. Having the project site close by was convenient, allowing us to peck away at the job as we found time in breaks in the weather and between other tasks. The greenhouse was built in 1989, and although it has been uncovered for more than ten years most of the galvanizing is in decent condition. Greenhouse frames that I’ve found from the 1980s tended to be built… Read More