You’re not going to eat that, are you? If not, I will.

Featured in the picture is Dumbledore, our Brown Swiss steer.  He is one of two heavier framed dairy breed steers that we kept over the winter.  In bovine eating etiquette, it isn’t considered impolite to step over a resting cow to get at a particularly tasty morsel.  We prefer to see assertive eaters.  Timid cattle get butted and battered away from the good feed by the more dominant cattle.  Less aggressive cattle just don’t do well in our winter feeding system, so those ones need to be culled before spending the winter bale grazing.  They do fine in a more pampered environment, but in our hard love system, we need cattle that will do what it takes to thrive.  Survival of the bossiest bos.

'Scuse me

‘Scuse me

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