Dry Cured Spanish Salami

It’s here!  The first of what we hope will become a lineup of Wrong Direction Farm charcuterie products.


We’re excited to offer an authentic dry cured salami from the Spanish Catalan tradition.  Fuet is a simple, rustic salami in the larger chorizo family.  Fuet doesn’t depend on heavy-handed spice blends, instead it focuses primarily on the pork.  Fermented and dried for eight weeks in a sequence of carefully controlled drying chambers until half the weight is lost to evaporation, the result is an intense pork flavor.

This was produced for us by the Espuña Company in nearby Gloversville NY using Wrong Direction Farm pork we provided.  Espuña started making salchichón sausage and jamón serrano in the 1960’s in Olot, Spain, so they bring decades of experience.

Fuet is ideal for tapas platters; try it sliced thin with some crusty bread and a tangy sheep cheese.  Diced into small cubes it makes a special addition to scrambled eggs or omelettes.  And of course it shines in a paella or any rice dish.

No added sodium nitrate.  Ingredients:  Wrong Direction Farm Pork, Salt, Celery Extract, Black Pepper, Turbinado Sugar, Lactic Acid Starter Culture.

Available for ordering now!

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